BIATS AGM – and future of section

Thursday 22th February 2018


(Barnwood Industrial Archaeology and Transport Society)

 At 2.30pm in the S&SC Pavilion


The future of BIATS is in your hands

Our Secretary & Acting Chairman can no longer

continue. Decisions on how we are organised

& the activities that we wish to pursue need

to be made in order to maintain the spirit of

the society as a means of like-minded people

interested in industrial & transport topics

getting together to share their enthusiasm

& enjoy its social aspects. Various options

& possibilities will be considered. We

hope we can set a new direction which

is positive & workable. Your thoughts

& opinions are needed – Those unable

to attend are urged to contact us with

their ideas.

All are welcome.


All enquires to Frank Colls please

on Gloucester (01- 452) 538366

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