BIATS Talk – Mon 16th Oct – The Journey of a Lifetime

Monday 16th October 2017

The Journey of a Lifetime

An illustrated talk by Patrick Howell

Patrick sails a 44 foot yacht which he has

used to journey across the ocean to reach

many of the worlds seas, islands & lands.

This talk will cover Patrick’s experiences

sailing the Caribbean and his journey

through the Panama Canal to reach

the Pacific Ocean and then on to the

Galapagos Islands.


All are Welcome

This talk commences at 19:30 in

F.E’s Barnwood’s S&SC Pavilion.

If you require further information

or have any suggestions for talks or

activities please contact Frank Colls

on Gloucester (01-452) 538366

answer-phone available.

Ideas for future events & offers to plan, lead

walks or organise visits are especially welcome.

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