Lunchtime Sale – Aloe Vera – Wed 27 Sept


 Paulette England will be back at Barnwood on Wednesday 30th August demonstrating her Forever Living Aloe Vera products, with plenty of information full information and free samples.

Paulette was introduced to forever living products recently, from there has set up as an Independent Business Owner / distributor, you can view details on her website:

Shop –

Come and have a look at lunchtime and find out more for yourself.

“They are the world’s leading Aloe Vera producers and have a unique patented technique to keep the Aloe ‘live’ in the packaging, giving you the full benefits”

 Highlighted Products: 

  •  Shaving gel: Very good for sensitive skin (Natural Aloe and Coconut oils – no harsh chemicals)
  •  Forever Freedom: Aloe Vera drink with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM – great for arthritis etc and for good joint mobility
  •  ARGI +: Powdered drink with L-Arginine with vitamins – great for combatting fatigue, boosting sports performance and improving mood
  •  Aloe Vera Gelly: Great on sunburn!
  •  Aloe hand soap: Cleans and removed dirt and oils really well without harsh chemicals
  •  C9 weight loss programme: Great results for weight loss, feeling energised and reducing sugar cravings.
  •  Propolis skin cream: Just excellent – great for dry skin conditions or as an everyday moisturiser

For any queries or comments, please contact Paulette directly – or 07813643848

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