S&SC Extraordinary General Meeting 10th April


The S&SC are holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday 10th April at 12pm at Barnwood

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the proposed rule changes which were discussed at the AGM in January, the majority of which were accepted at that meeting but were unable to be enacted due to the lack of quorum at the meeting.  There are further amendments to the proposed changes in relation to Life Membership, to address concerns raised and discussed at the AGM.

This will be a short meeting purely to vote on these changes.  The Commitee are keen to ensure the meeting is quorate so it would be extremely helpful if you could email us at anna.eaton@edf-energy.com to let us know if you can attend.  There is a meeting invitation in the Barnwood Outlook Calendar which can be forwarded on request.  The meeting is open to all members, but we particularly need EDF staff Voting Members to attend.  (Life Members are eligible to vote but we would hope we can gain a quorum from within Barnwood without putting pressure on anyone to make a special trip).  Barnwood Site, Associate and Family members are welcome to attend but will not be eligible to vote.

The revised version of the rules on which members will be asked to vote can be found here.

The updated summary of the rule changes, including the further changes to Life Membership can be found here.

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