S&SC Important Information – message to all members

To All S&SC Members

We have recently shared a message for members via email to Section Committees and internal Barnwood communications as we have had news from EDF that affects the future of the club.

EDF have recently informed all staff that they are looking at options for moving the office away from the current Barnwood site.  This clearly has huge implications for the S&SC as it currently operates and we will be working closely with our contacts in EDF Facilities over the coming months to understand fully what this means for us.  We will then also be working with sections and members to help shape the future of the Sports & Social Club under a new way of working.  EDF have advised that any move will not happen for at least 12 months and they will remain in the Gloucester area.

If you would like a copy of the full email which was circulated last week, then please contact Club Manager Anna Eaton via Anna.Eaton@edf-energy.com


Covid-19 & AGM

There is very little change to report as the vast majority of our activities remain shut down due to the covid restrictions.  However, the Barnwood Fitness Training group have recently started running sessions over Skype so if you would like details please contact Anna.  The immediate prospect of re-starting anything in the new year does not look optimistic and we will have to see how the situation plays out with many factors at work such as the permitted extra mixing of households over Christmas on one hand and the arrival of the vaccine on the other.  However, we are hopeful that by March we will have a clearer and improving picture and we can plan for a resumption of normal activities during the Spring and Summer whilst we are all still at Barnwood.

The Annual General Meeting will be held via Skype on Wednesday 27th January 2021.  All members are urged to attend, especially given the significance of the changes to come over the next year or two.  Follow the link for further details or contact Anna to request the meeting invitation.  External members will be able to join either by Skype or dialling in by phone – ask for full details.


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