S&SC Review of Club Rules

Message to all Members & Sections

As announced at this year’s AGM in January 2018, the S&SC Committee is undertaking a review of the Club Rules throughout this year, with the intention of presenting updated rules to be formally adopted at the next AGM in January 2019.

The Terms of Reference for the review were presented at this year’s AGM and are available to view via the link.  The aim of the review is to simplify the rules wherever possible and to bring the rules up to date with current custom and practice.  The last change to the rules was in 2012 to reflect the change of company name to EDF Energy and a copy is available here – S&SC Rules 2012.

The committee would welcome comments from members and/or section leaders on any aspects of the current rules which they feel either are in need of updating – or are particularly important not to be changed.  We will also welcome feedback on proposed changes as the details are worked out during the review process.  More detailed input form anyone wishing to get involved with the review is also very welcome – please get in touch with the S&SC Office if you would like to help, or would like more regular updates on the changes being considered.

Contact us at Anna.eaton@edf-energy.com or 01452 652058.

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