Aerobics & Yoga

A variety of aerobics & yoga classes are held in the Sports Pavilion on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes, including new classes aimed at beginners or those returning to excercise.


Monday 12:40 – 1.30 Aerobics
Weds 12:10 – 12:40 Stretch & Flex*
Weds 12:40 – 1.30 Aerobics
Fri 12:30 – 1.15 Yoga

* Stretch & Flex – basic yoga-style exercises, focussing on core strength and posture. Non-sweaty. Ideal antidote to a working life spent sitting in a chair!

 All classes are taken by Sarah Barratt of the Dance Factory, who is a fully qualified Aerobics & Yoga Instructor. Sarah uses a wide variety of styles, so the activities are always changing. The atmosphere is fun and completely non-competitive. Everyone can take the exercises at their own pace, and Sarah can suggest alternatives for anyone with problems. Sarah also runs other events for all fitness levels and is happy for you to get in touch – email her at or visit her website for further information.

The Aerobics section contact at Barnwood is Jackie Martin  (via Outlook at Barnwood) or the S&SC Office.

Note that, as Sarah is a professional instructor, each session costs £4 (or £10 for three sessions in one week).