The RMA (Retired Members Association) of the Barnwood Sports & Social Club has now sadly been dissolved.  All members were notified by letter in December 2020 and as of 31st December 2020, the association formally ceased to exist.  In the letter members were advised how to cancel their subscriptions if they wished, but were invited by the outgoing committee to continue paying the modest pension deductions wherever possible in order to support the main Sports & Social Club.  Any subs payments received since 31st December will now go directly to the S&SC, whose committee and members are very grateful for the support.

There will be no further RMA Newsletters issued, but as and when covid conditions permit it is hoped that an RMA reunion event of some sort can be held, as any final activities which might have happened during 2020 were obviously not possible.

If you have any queries you are welcome to contact the S&SC Office  by email to Anna.Eaton@edf-energy.com