Visiting Barnwood

Important information for anyone visiting EDF Barnwood for Sports & Social Club activities.

This may include non-EDF staff S&SC members, visiting away team players, traders for lunchtime sales etc

See attached map and directions to Barnwood and site plan showing the various locations on site eg bowling green, pavilion, tennis courts, conference centre, main building and restaurant.

Any children under 18 visiting site for S&SC activities must be accompanied by an adult S&SC member at all times.

Visiting during office hours:

  • All non-staff visitors to site must sign in at reception in the entrance to the main building and obtain a green visitors’ pass before going to any other areas on site.
  • Visitors’ parking is usually available just inside the main car park, if it is full then the overflow car park is available.  If you need to unload then short term parking is usually available outside reception but please liaise with security when signing in.
  • Please sign out and return your pass when you leave.

Visiting out of hours:

  • Anyone visiting Barnwood for S&SC purposes out of hours MUST sign in at main reception in the book provided on the desk for the Sports & Social Club (or separate Bowls Section book if applicable).
  • This applies to all S&SC members (whether EDF staff or not), all visitors including away team players and any other guests.
  • The security barrier at the site entrance is manned remotely at this time so if you do not have an EDF staff pass to activate it then please press the buzzer to contact security for access to the site.
  • Please sign out again when you leave.