RMA Lunch Meetings

Lunch meetings take place at EDF Barnwood, meeting for a meal in the Restaurant from 1pm followed by the talk in the S&SC Pavilion at 2pm.  The topics for 2018 are as follows:

  • Tues 10th April     Ian Caskies                  “SS Great Britain”
  • Tues 8th May        Mary Fenton                “A taste of Chile”
  • Tues 12th June     Peter Ralph                  “Wildlife and Plants of the Forest of Dean”
  • Tues 10th July      Chris O’Grady              “Walk to Rome”


  • Tues 11th Sept      Simon Trapnell            “Nature in Art/Wallsworth Hall”
  • Tues 9th Oct         Arthur Ball                    “Panama”
  • Tues 13th Nov      AGM including the talk “Butterfly Garden” by Chris Evans


(All those working at Barnwood or S&SC Members are welcome to attend any of the talks if you are interested in the topics!!!)