Deep clean of changing areas – lost property can be collected

EDF & contract partner Work Place Solutions successfully carried out a deep clean of the changing facilities at Barnwood over the last weekend.  Thank you to everyone who co-operated with the requests to clear and vacate the areas by the required deadline.  We have received the following feedback from the company regarding items removed during the clear out and clean:

We cleared 6 bags of personal belongings from the pavilion – which are being held in security. Further 10 or more bags were cleared from the amenity block – we don’t have a room to put them in lost property so they are currently sitting in the goods area.

It was rather disappointing to see so much kit still in the gents changing area of the amenity block.

I’m afraid there was no system put in place as to how things were bagged so it will be a case of anyone looking for items will have to look through until they find what they are looking for.

I can confirm that all areas have now received a deep clean and it would be great if people could take some responsibility for keeping the facilities tidy to ensure the cleaners can get to all areas.  There were a lot of towels stuffed into a corner next to the lockers in the gents changing rooms, which looked like they had been there for several years…….

If you are missing any of your belongings then you are welcome to go and look.  If any of the bags split, there are more bags available in the goods in office.

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