Suspension of all S&SC Activities

As you may have anticipated we have been considering the S&SC response to the coronavirus situation and we have regrettably reached the point where we now need to suspend all S&SC activities, including closure of the Barnwood Gym.  Many sections have already taken this decision and have stopped meeting.

We are hoping to maintain access to the changing facilities in the pavilion, along with the EDF run changing facilities next to the gym.  The priority will be maintaining facilities for those who run or cycle to work, but we hope to also maintain access for individuals who wish to run at lunchtime on their own.  We ask that those using the changing rooms maintain a good handwashing  regime and try to stagger your timing in the changing rooms rather than all going at once at 12pm, and maintain as great a distance between people as possible.  This is subject to EDF being able to maintain an appropriate cleaning regime to support this, and we will update further if we need to restrict access.

Currently access to the tennis courts remains open to section members but we ask that this is limited to singles games to avoid putting further pressure on the changing rooms.  If this changes we will update you further.

We are hoping that the Tool Hire section will remain available for members to hire out equipment, but this is subject to the section volunteers remaining available at Barnwood to co-ordinate the hire.  As announced last week, the section has just launched a new email contact for arranging hire (bwdsports& ) and updated the hire charge list, which is on this website.  Again, we will update if this changes.

 We are hoping to keep the S&SC Office open on Thursdays with Sue Barrett, our new admin assistant; Anna will be working from home and accessible by email for the next few weeks.

These changes will take effect from first thing tomorrow morning, Thursday 19th March.

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