Lockers at the new offices – S&SC Update

Update from the S&SC on locker arrangements at Gloucester Business Park

As those working at Barnwood are aware, the lockers available at the new Gloucester Business Park offices after the move will be a mix of day lockers and long term rental lockers, with the long term lockers being administered by the S&SC in a similar way to those currently at Barnwood.  As the move gets closer, many people are now beginning to ask about how you will be able to get a locker at the new office location.  We don’t have all the answers yet but are ready to update everyone on the process so far, in relation to the aspects managed by the S&SC.   Everyone currently renting a Barnwood locker will be kept informed about the lockers available at the new offices but will not automatically be transferred over to a new locker.  There are still a number of uncertainties which will affect the supply and demand for these lockers – it is not yet finalised how many will be available and equally not everyone will know exactly how many days they are likely to be in the office and what their travel arrangements will be.  Therefore, we are developing an application process for anyone wanting a rental locker, which will aim to give priority to those who really need it to support active commuting to work (ie cycling or walking).  This doesn’t necessarily rule out those wanting access to a locker for recreational fitness purposes but everyone applying will be encouraged to first consider whether a day locker would meet their needs instead.

NB The rental lockers will be in Javelin House but will also be available to those working from the Charlton Court buildings. The locker, shower and changing facilities in Valiant Court are subject to a completely different arrangement and those working in that building will be advised of your options nearer the time.

Details of the application process will be released when we have full details on the lockers available and a clearer idea of moving dates for the various phases of the move – we don’t want to allocate all the lockers to people moving in the first phase and have none left for those moving later.  So as the move becomes nearer we will be able provide further updates on the application process but in the meantime, if you think there is a possibility that you might need a locker after the move, you can register your interest with the S&SC now.  This will help give us an idea of the demand for lockers and will mean that you will be contacted directly when the application process opens.  Please email me at


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