S&SC – Life After The Office Move

To All S&SC Members

The office move brings the end of an era for all the S&SC activities currently based around Barnwood – the pavilion, tennis courts, bowling green & gym – but hopefully not the end of the S&SC!  We have been working with EDF and the office move team to try to establish what will be possible after the move and liaising with our various section coordinators as to how their groups will be affected – but now we need to hear from you! Meaning all current S&SC members and anyone working at Barnwood with an interest in joining in with activities to promote well-being and fitness, provide networking opportunities or just make being at work at bit more fun!

The S&SC Committee has agreed a two year transition period to see how well the club can evolve and survive the move to Gloucester Business Park and adapt to the new ways of working and new location.  It looks as though the office move plans are really coming together now, with the September expected to be the start of the move.  From an S&SC point of view, we want to be ready with options available for S&SC groups and activities as soon as possible once the new offices are open – but it’s not clear whether we can put much in place in advance when there is still so much uncertainty around things like who will be in the office when, what people’s travel arrangements will be and how many people will want to come together for organised activities at lunchtime and after work.

We need your views! How important is it to have things in place for September? Are you in a position to work with us to get stuff off the ground? Or do you need to wait and settle in and see what fits in with the new way of working? Is there too much other stuff to think about regarding the move to try to plan ahead for S&SC activities?

If you want to know more about what may or may not be on offer after the move then please either contact the coordinators of any section you are involved with or contact the S&SC Office via Anna.eaton@edf-energy.com

The S&SC Committee is only a small number of people so we need your help and input to help you get what you want from the club!

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