S&SC Membership for Contractors – reduced fees from 1st Sept

The S&SC Committee are pleased to announce that from 1st September 2019 the membership fee for contractors working at Barnwood who wish to join the club will now be the same rate as for those employed by EDF Energy.

For all new members joining on or after 1st September the membership fee will be £1.25 per month payable by monthly Standing Order (rather than as a one off annual payment to the S&SC Office as currently). Existing contractor members will be able to switch to the new arrangements when their current membership expires and is due for renewal. There is now a new membership form in operation to reflect these changes, which provides the S&SC bank details needed for setting up the standing order. Instructions are given on the form regarding the format required for the reference which should include you membership number and surname in order for the S&SC Office to monitor and verify the payments effectively.

This change completes the process started with the rule changes earlier this year, bringing membership rights and benefits for contractors in line with those for EDF staff, and both groups of members are now known as Ordinary Members with no longer any separate category for Barnwood Site Members.

All new members, whatever membership category, should now use the new membership form. The new format will hopefully make it clearer which sections to complete regarding the relevant payment method and sets out a process for Associate and Family Associate members to pay by annual standing order, which the office would encourage for those members who are regular section members and always renew each year.

The new membership form is available here and should be used from now on. There is no change to the fees for Family and Associate members, but as stated above we would welcome a switch to annual standing order payments for members in these categories.  If you have any queries please get in touch with the S&SC Office via Anna.Eaton@edf-energy.com

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